Hello babies!

Please say hello to Maks Ryan and Laci Pearl. They joined us on Thursday July 30th at 8:03 and 8:05 respectively. They are perfectly perfect and didn’t need oxygen or anything. Mommy on the other hand has had a difficult recovery and is hoping to go home today! More details later! Just wanted to share my precious miracle babies. 



I have started so many blog posts lately, but ended up deleting them.  I want to express what we’ve been going through without sounding negative and I don’t know how to do that. For those who don’t know we are currently 32.5 weeks pregnant with our precious snowflake babies.  As thankful as we are that our first IVF transfer was successful, it has not been an easy road.  I knew pregnancy wouldn’t be easy. I knew it would be a LONG 40 weeks, but I never imagined how much I would struggle with it.

First of all I had morning sickness.  For about 17 weeks I threw up frequently.  There were some weeks in there that I threw up EVERY day.  I knew the vomiting meant a successful transfer/healthy pregnancy, but blah it was gross! We finally made it through that and we had our first high risk appointment with our Maternal Fetal Specialist (MFMS). Ha. Us having to go to another specialist? Who would’ve thought.

Anyways our 20 week anatomy scan went as well as could be asked.  The babies were looking perfect and were both VERY big.  At this point they were both measuring 2-3 weeks ahead. Hello monster babies.  At this appointment the MFMS doctor put me on partial bedrest.  I was allowed to go to work, but had to come home and lay down as soon as my day was over.  I was not allowed to cook, clean, or do anything extra.  Sounds luxurious to some of you, I’m sure.

We continued on in our pregnancy and had our first visit to Labor and Delivery.  I hurt so bad that day and I had no idea why.  Turns out it was just round ligament pains…PRAISE! Yes they were miserable, but I did not want to go into labor at 22 weeks!

At 27ish weeks we had a follow-up appointment at the MFMS.  This time they found a placental chorioangioma in Laci’s placenta.  When I asked the doctor questions (because I had a ton of them) he brushed everything under the rug and told me not to be worried. Ha!!! Yeah ok because we didn’t fight tooth and nail to get pregnant and we haven’t been praying over these babies for MONTHS now, but sure I won’t worry.  Anyways I called him later in the day to ask more questions and basically he told me he could deliver my babies today, but I would have to pick if I really wanted to save her from the angioma and end up losing him because it was too early.  Needless to say we switched doctor’s…quickly!

We went to our regular OB and discussed everything going on.  NONE of the doctor’s we have seen have ever seen a chorioangioma.  They happen in less than 1% of pregnancies. Ha! My luck! Anyways our regular OB is very proactive and switched us to a MFMS at UAMS in Little Rock.  We had our first visit with them at 28ish weeks.  Our MFMS is a precious old man that “xeroxed” me a copy of the research he had been reading about chorioangiomas.  He was very open and honest about not really having an understanding of the condition, but that he would take all precautions possible.  He then scheduled us an echo on both babies the very next day.

We went to see the pediatric cardiologist and again they were wonderful.  They hadn’t seen a chorioangioma either, but they were very thorough.  Laci’s heart is a little big and having to work extra hard to pump the blood in her body.  They explained that is because she has to pump blood for her body and blood to fill the tumor.  According to them as soon as the little princess is born, this problem will be completly gone because it is in her placenta and not on/in her.

We have been to the pediatric cardiologist again since then and Laci’s condition remains the same.  We go weekly for ultrasounds through “Angel’s”.  This program allows us go to a place locally to have the ultrasound then skype with our doctor to discuss the findings via telemedicine.  It has been VERY nice to have this service offered.  Our weekly appointments check for hydrops (water retention) and growth restrictions.  So far everything has been great.  Laci is 20% smaller than Maks, but at this time it’s not that she is behind.  Laci is measuring in at exactly the number of weeks we are, but Maks is still measuring 3 weeks ahead.  We’ve concluded Laci is built like me and Maks MUST be built like Ty. Haha.

Anyways if hydrops shows up or if they are 30% different in size, they will deliver them.  I have a lot of anxiety every Monday, but I’m making it! Oh I almost forgot….

The MFMS put me on even stricter bedrest a little over a 5 weeks ago.  I wasn’t allowed to walk to get my kids for therapy and I was only able to bill like 4 hours a day.  Once that was complete I was told to go home and lay down.  Well 3 weeks ago I went into preterm labor.  Contractions every 5 minutes regularly for several hours.  They were able to stop them at Labor and Delivery, but I have been on COMPLETE bedrest ever since.  Technically all I’m supposed to do is get up to go potty.  I have SOMEHOW survived 3 weeks of this and I pray we can make it 3 more weeks to 35 weeks so we can deliver the twins here in town, but God only knows.

To make things even more interesting last weekend I started itching ALL over.  Like uncontrollable itching.  I went to labor and delivery because my doctor was out of the office and the on call doctor said I was allergic to something.  We began the process of rewashing my clothes in gentle detergent and I stopped using bath washes/lotions.  By Wednesday I was covered in a rash and hadn’t slept in days due to the itching.  My doctor saw my rash and automatically knew I had PUPPS.  This is a reaction that happens in 1/150-200 pregnancies. Wooohooo our luck is awesome.  According to my excellent research skills, PUPPS happens when the babies’ skin cells start attacking the mom’s skin cells.  They gave me a couple steroid shots and I am taking hydroxyzine every 6 hours.  I’m also taking regular oatmeal baths and covering myself in aloe vera regularly.  This condition will also be gone as soon as the babies are delivered.

So there ya have it people.  We are 32.5 weeks pregnant and we are surviving one day at a time.  We thank God nightly that he has given us another day to keep our babies nice and safe inside.  We know that every day we keep them on the inside is several days we won’t have to spend in the NICU.  Hopefully since I’m just sitting at home I can update more often. This big update full of 10+ weeks of info has been overwhelming.

Side note: aloe vera is an excellent anti-itch remedy.  Also I hope you noticed our name change! I’m going to try to upload some pictures soon!

21 weeks and counting

Our precious snowflakes can longer be considered snowflakes…

On Monday we went to the Maternal Fetal Medicine specialist since we are considered a high risk pregnancy. Thanks to IVF and carrying twins. I will be doing appointments with him on top of appointments with my normal OB. Anyways they did our anatomy scan and a thorough inspection of my cervix. Maks and Laci are both developing perfectly and show no signs of any chromosomal abnormality! Woohoo! They also don’t have cleft lips or palates which makes my speech pathology heart very proud! HOWEVER they are monster babies!!!!!!! Maks’ femur, humorous?? (Arm bone), and head measured about 3 weeks ahead of where we are and he weighs a pound!!!! Little Miss Laci Pearl measures 2.5 weeks ahead and weighs 15 ounces. They are supposed to weigh 10-12 ounces at this point!!!!! THEY. ARE. HUGE.!!!!!

That being said they have put me on partial bedrest and pelvic rest. This means when I work all day I have to come home and prop my feet up the rest of the evening. Or if I go grocery shopping on a Saturday, I can’t do anything else on my feet that day. Also I cannot lift more than 5 pounds. This is annoying especially when I want to hold my precious nieces or nephews, but I can hold them as long as somebody hands them to me! Yes it is all VERY annoying but we want to do what’s best for our little monsters so they’ll stay inside me for as long as possible! 

Btw this isn’t that big of a shock for us since I am married to a GIANT!

Anyways they said my cervix looks great! If it measured less than 3 cm they would’ve put me on complete bedrest but I was 5 cm!!!! Wooohoooo! According to the OB records I’ve gained 8 pounds, but I didn’t start going there until 13 weeks so in actuality I’ve gained 13 pounds total. Not bad for 21 weeks pregnant with twins! Anyways that’s where we are for now. Taking it one day at a time and hoping we make it to at least 36 weeks!

19 weeks!

We are officially 19 weeks today! I simply cannot believe God has let our babies grow this long! We cannot wait to meet them but we want them to stay in there for as long as possible! Here is my 19 week picture. My belly is really starting to pop out! Please excuse my crooked smile I had some dental work done today and my face is still numb!


Pink or blue??

Last week we had our 16 week gender scan!!! Ty and I decided ahead of time we weren’t going to find out until the gender reveal party last Saturday.  The ultrasound tech politely let us look at the babies and hear their heartbeats before turning off the tv so she could look for their gender.

Baby A was quick and easy.  I couldn’t believe she already knew what A was when she said she was starting to look for Baby B.  Baby B was a stinker and a half! It hid behind my belly button and kept its legs closed tightly.  The tech jiggled my belly and had to me go to the bathroom then she tried again.  It felt like it took 20 minutes for her to see Baby B.  She printed off the pictures and sweetly put the genders in an envelope.

We then took said envelope to my sister’s mother in law to make the cakes! I did not want anybody in our immediate families to know the genders before we cut into the cakes.  Needless to say we didn’t sleep very much Friday night anxiously waiting for the party! Tyler’s family got to come all the way from Illinois to attend!  We kept it small with our families and a few close friends.  The party didn’t start until 5 pm so I told everybody to be there by 5:15 or they would miss the reveal!

Ty and I had it all planned out that I would cut Baby A and we’d celebrate, then he would cut Baby B and we would celebrate again.  So….What are the Conn twins????

Baby A is a sweet little BOY!! Maks Ryan Conn!!!!


Baby B is a precious little GIRL!!!!  Laci Pearl Conn!!!!!!

We could NOT be more excited!!!

Now for an overview of pregnancy thus far….

I have been sick sick sick! It was to the point I was throwing up supper every night, but I started taking zofran 30 minutes before I ate so that got a lot better.  This past week I threw up breakfast 2 mornings.  I think my organs are all out of place and throwing a fit since the babies are taking up so much room.

Yesterday we went to the doctor for our 17 week appointment.  He measured my uterus which typically is the same number of weeks you are in centimeters so 17 weeks equals 17 centimeters.  Not so much for twins.  My uterus is already 23 centimeters and the top of it is less than an inch from my xiphoid process! No wonder it is becoming increasingly more difficult to take a deep breath!  We are working on scheduling an appointment with a maternal fetal medicine specialist.  He will do some type of in depth ultrasound.  Our OB recommended this because we have twins and they are IVF twins.  I don’t really understand why that makes a difference anymore.  I mean I’d understand taking extra precautions in the first trimester since we did IVF, but clearly they are implanted now.  Oh well.  I am excited and nervous to see what his ultrasound shows.  This will also count for our anatomy scan and chromosome/genetic evaluation.

The doctor mentioned yesterday that once we get to 28 weeks all bets are off and the twins can come whenever they want.  Um…slight panic attack! That is only 11 weeks away! We currently have one outfit for each baby, one pair of socks for each, a swing, a bath, and a highchair.  We have a lot of stuff to get in a short amount of time.  Oh well we can do it!

Unrelated to the babies…mine and Ty’s anniversary is this next week.  We’ll have been married two whole years.  Haha! Not that long, but it’s still been a roller coaster to say the least.

Anyways I hope each of you are doing well.  Please know I think and pray for you all often.  I know the pain and struggles you are all going through and I hope one day soon you will be where I am today.

14 weeks!

Can you believe I am 14 weeks pregnant??? I can’t!!! I wanted these babies so bad for so long I cannot believe they are on their way. Honestly it hasn’t fully hit me. I try to shop for ‘the big stuff’ since we don’t know the genders yet but I have no idea what I’m doing. Like no idea. I honestly feel like I need a PhD in how to buy baby crap. You think I’m joking? I’m not. I currently have one high chair and one baby swing. Maybe we can survive with just that???? Probably not.

We met our new OBGYN this past Friday and we really really liked him. Deciding which doctor to use was huge for me and super difficult. I ended up picking this one because he monitors your weight really well (for those of you who don’t know pre-IVF I was a big runner and gym rat) so I don’t want to completely let myself go. He is also known for being a very good surgeon and I feel pretty certain we’ll have a c-section. He did tell us the latest he’ll let me go is August 7th!!!! So that’s exciting. Another exciting tidbit is we scheduled our gender scan for March 6th so we’ll find out March 7th with our family and a couple close friends!!! Maybe it’ll all feel real after that!

I am still sick. Zofran is my new bestie! I also had a stomach bug last week so it was rough. Currently my ‘morning sickness’ happens after supper. I get to taste my supper twice multiple times a week…yummy! Tonight I took my zofran BEFORE supper so no vomiting but extreme exhaustion!!

Anyways the latest heartbeat scans showed Baby A: 157 and Baby B: 159! They seem to be close together! Baby A is a bully and kept hitting Baby B in the head during the ultrasound. Poor little thing! Here are our latest ultrasound pictures(if my phone will let me upload them)!!! Enjoy lovelies! Please continue to remember us and our babies in prayer as they grow and develop.



Peace out fertility meds!!!

Things have been busy. I have been exhausted. I have lots of things I want to write about but I haven’t taken the time to do it. Tonight is a special night so tonight I must write a post!!!!! Tonight I took off my estrogen patches and didn’t have to put anymore on!!!!!!! Tonight I did my last crinone suppository!!! I am finished with that disgusting medicine for a LONG time!!!! Hallelujah praise the LORD!!! This also means we are at 11 weeks!!!! What’s up!!!! We are so stinkin’ close to the end of this trimester I cannot handle it!!!!! Cannot wait to see our precious babies in two weeks!!!

Oh that brings me to the other thing I’ve been meaning to write about…. We are Fertility Clinic Graduates!!!!! At least until we decide to have some more babies but let’s not even go there! I have graduated a lot in my life. Graduated High School, graduated college, and graduated graduate school all of which were very exciting but never ever did I feel relief. When we walked out of Fertility Associates of Memphis I felt pure excitement and more relief than I have felt in a LONG time! God has let our babies develop to the point that the specialist doesn’t need to see us anymore! We can be normal! We can go to a normal OB!!!! We are so blessed!!

Sorry for all my excitement. I understand many of you aren’t where we are and I am praying for you guys. I am praying for God’s will to be done in your lives. I am praying yall get your miracles! I also understand if you unfollow my blog because reading about someone being pregnant and having babies may be too difficult. Thanks for the prayers and please continue to lift our Snowflakes up to the Father! May His will be done.